Hello and welcome to Long Island! Long Island in NY that is.

There are other Long Islands. There is one in SC too but Long Island in NY is a special place.

I lived on Long Island for 40 years. To some people where I used to live, that was not a long time. Some families go back three or four generations. For me though, it was the longest I have lived in an island and I have lived in four islands so far.

I created this blog because I want to explore more of Long Island as I’m sure you want to do the same.

There are so much to learn about Long Island, its past and its present. I love the historical aspect of Long Island so you probably see more of those here.

Long Island has some beautiful and interesting places so you’ll see some of those places in here too.

Thank you and let’s explore Long Island together.


Until next time. Stop and smell the roses.


“The Rose Lady”





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  1. I won’t know when he signed the book if he died in 1892. The notes inside was glued to the pages. I’m afraid to contact the website because chances are they would ask to send them the book to see it. If and when I go back go Long Island, I’ll bring it over.


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